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    Rosie G + Nordstrom!!!

    You can now buy my clothes on Nordstrom.com - I'm SO excited! I actually have another meeting with them coming up soon... wish me luck ;) Follow this link to see more: Nordstrom+RosieG xoxo, Grace Rose

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    Disney Commercial - Dream Big!

    Grace Rose booked her first commercial for Disney Channel When the casting directors asked her which princess she could relate to the most & why she said "Tiana - because she's from New Orleans, she's ethnic, she loves to cook...

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    Rosie G + Tesla!

    So excited to announce that for this year's GR4CF + Rosie G fashion Fundraiser August 20th 2016 at CBS Studios there will be an opportunity to win a Tesla! This is HUGE!! Follow this link for more info:  http://www.gracerosefoundation.com/tesla-drawing.html

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